About us

Baguz BusinessMedia is a sub-company formed by experienced people in the fields of business, investment, and insurance. By carrying the name "baguz" of course this web/blog is a close part of the Baguz Multimedia Company. Because we have a commitment to provide all forms of information media to readers who like everything such as technology, business, and also social media.

If you don't know it, you don't love it, that's the saying that many people out there say. Here we want to describe about Baguz BusinessMedia. Stories about us, where we came from, and our vision and mission.

Learn business and making money is our slogan to make you always remember this website or blog well at the url https://www.baguz.biz..

Whether you are a writer, a capital owner, or also a product owner who is interested in collaborating with us, we always open up opportunities for those of you who want to join us. We always welcome all matters relating to criticism or suggestions for the purpose of developing this site in the future to make it better.

Our Story

Baguz BusinessMedia is a site that shares interesting tutorials about business. This site started to be funded with minimal capital since 2018 and has consumed a lot of resources since that year. Making readers find the best and most popular business information is our mission. That way they can easily find opportunities for success and make a lot of money.

The vision is not easy to do, but we are optimistic that what we are doing now can be useful for many people. We also hope that every tutorial that we present will receive constructive criticism and suggestions in order to make the article closer to perfection. Our team is a collection of people who love to experiment and seek the latest information. There may be mistakes because we are not perfect.

In order to connect with our team, you can take advantage of the contact form provided and can also follow developments through our Facebook or Twitter fan pages. We will greatly appreciate all the goodwill that comes to us. Thank you